Hi, I'm Kris a devoted dog mom and her two dogs Mia the boxer and sonny the bulldog.
Kris, Mia and Sonny


I’m so excited you’re here at Home Sweet Pups blog and want to learn more about me.

Ok, so:

Are you looking to learn anything and everything about how to care for your pup to make living with them stressfree and to make sure you’re giving them everything they need for the best life ever?

I know, I certainly was.

And, if you’re anything like me – which I’m sure you are (otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up here at this blog)  you will research – to learn how to do it right.

That’s where I can help

I’m Kris the Blogger behind Home Sweet Pups. I’m a wife, mom to three college-age kids and a passionate dog mom.  Here at Home Sweet Pups, I will share tips on how to care for your dog, share great products for them (Because you know you will want to spoil them right?) and give you tips on how to live a great lifestyle with them to keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

I want to be your go-to for all the questions you need to have answered. I have a lot of useful information to share from everything I have learned over the years – from the simple basics of caring for your puppy up to your dogs senior years.

Few things about me

I have cared for dogs all my life; they have always been my top priority.  I’m still talking about dogs (probably more than my kids, but don’t tell my kids that lol). I consider myself a stay at home dog mom – who loves every minute of it.

My years of researching every topic imaginable related to dogs and never shutting up about all my past and current dogs made me very knowledgeable.

Having this knowledge made my friends and family come to me every time, they had a question about one of their pups. They could see the dedication and energy I gave to my dogs every minute of every day would benefit them when they needed help with their dogs.

Why I do What I do

Well, that’s an easy one.


about image of mia and sonny
Mia the Boxer & Sonny the English Bulldog

I was inspired by my pups past and present to give back and be there for their fellow furry friend’s dog owners. That’s when Home Sweet pups came to mind. The unconditional love and devotional they give to us every day should be given back to them, and the best way of doing that is by making sure that our dogs have the best life ever.

about me image of mia and sonny
Mia the Boxer & Sonny the English Bulldog

My two current dogs are a Three-year-old Boxer (Mia) and a one-year-old English Bulldog (Sonny). Just look at their pictures aren’t they cute?

These two continue to inspire me every day!

With this blog. I hope to spread the knowledge we need as dog owners, so they get back what they give us each and every day.

And that is:

Unconditional Love!

P.S. Please contact me at [email protected]  regarding any questions you may have regarding your dog.

I want to help you help your dog.”

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  1. I have created both Instagram account and a Facebook profile solely for my dog, if nothing else it made another similar hobby and documented activities, behavior strides, growth rate, etc.

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