5 Powerful Benefits of having a dog
These benefits are good for you and your family.
Benefits of having a dog

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having a dog?

I remember when my Mom passed away how hard it was and how scared I was to have to go to the funeral service. When I was there, I noticed this Great Dane (her name was Bella) who just loved everyone and all she did was walk around quietly inside the funeral home.

Soon, I realized she must have been there to help us feel relaxed during this stressful time – I can tell you, it 100% helped me get through that day for sure.

Couple with dog sitting in a grassy patch

 I also heard from other people that you could find dogs at places like a courtroom, exam study halls, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, and airports to help people.

 It’s certainly amazing how dogs can make us happy (well, when they aren’t chewing our shoes that is…) and can also improve our health with the benefits they give us. So, you might ask, what are these great benefits of having a dog?

What are the benefits of having a dog

Check out these excellent benefits. (you are going to love what your pup can do for you). 

Here they are:

1. Mental Health

Dogs have many ways to help us feel better and happy.  

They can help reduce stress. An example of that is how I mentioned to you above about Bella the Great Dane, who helped me with the stress of attending my mother’s funeral.

They also help with Depression and provide support for when we are lonely. It is especially helpful for older people who live by themselves. According to this article, you will see an overall positive effect on your mental health.

 Your pup wants to make you happy – and who doesn’t want to be happy, right?

2. Physical Health

Ok, you know we all need to stay physically healthy, but most often we tend to be on the lazy side when it comes to being active. Most of us, anyway.

Here is where our dogs tend to motivate us. Being a dog mom isn’t any different than taking care of your children or spouse; we usually always put them first. Right? We will stop what we are doing and take care of our dog’s needs like any good dog parent will do. Like when they want to play, we will take them out in the yard to keep them busy (by the way they will get into trouble in our house if they are bored.) or we take them for walks.

We might not realize that in return, they are really helping us stay physically fit, which will help lower our blood pressure, plus that will then help reduce our chances of heart disease. That means the chances are that we”ll need fewer visits to see our doctors. Yay!

Exercising with your dog will also give you better overall sleep, and you know we all need better sleep with being so busy all the time. Rest should be our #1 thing that we all need to focus on to stay healthy.

3. Social

When we are out walking with our dogs, you will more likely stop and talk with neighbors because most likely they want to say hello to your dog, and that leads into stirring up a conversation. More often if you are out walking alone, people tend to wave and leave you alone.

You see, dogs attract people with all their cuteness. 

You can also attend an outing like a dog meet up or go to your local dog park and make new friends instantly. Our dogs make us get out of the house to have a better social interaction with people.

Studies have been done on this to show it – here is a research article that you can read all about it.         

4. Security

Dogs are very loyal to their owners and will want to protect them any way they can. 

They will let you know by barking if there is anyone around your house like if someone is knocking on the door or just walking around outside. You don’t need to buy a security system when you have a dog around that is for sure.

When you are out and about in your neighborhood with your pup, they will make you feel safer it will give you peace of mind knowing your dog will scare off any potential bad people out there.

5. Economic

This one is a bit interesting but, the truth is I always thought that having a dog would just cost us extra money and not until I understood the benefits that come along with owning a dog that I began to realize that in the years to come they can be able to help us with saving money – plus there was even research done on it. Read this report to learn more.

You see they can help to prevent illnesses which then leads to your healthcare cost to go down and that benefits the businesses in the health and social services areas to help lower their costs as well.

Benefits of Dog Ownership

You see, there is a reason why you and I are attracted to dogs – at first, it’s that cuteness and who doesn’t like a cute puppy, right? But honestly, I think deep down it’s all these awesome benefits they give us.

You can’t deny these benefits of having a dog, can you?

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Embrace wholeheartedly everything your pup gives you. I know I do because life is hard at times (probably more then we would like), and we need them just as much as they need us.

 “We owe it to them.”

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5 Powerful Benefits of having a dog
These benefits are good for you
Benefits of having a dog

Until next time.

Have a pawsome day!

P.S. Comment below how your dog benefits you, I would love to hear it.


  1. Being a dog mom @ a time in my life where I often have idle hands & idle mind, along with no schedule, she brings her own routine, her own needs, training necessities, health & grooming needs. One major benefit is that she seems to be keeping me out of trouble, by having an excellent reason to come home every night and a likeness of a relaxed schedule. She also helps me to spend extra money on her needs vs booze, drugs, gambling etc. My 9 mo old Chiweenie was homeless and became my diva dog. She also greets pretty regularly other residents in my apartment complex. Just the other day a woman shared with me that when she sees Katy Bug getting very excited due to this woman approaching Katy. The woman said that when Katy greets her with such exuberance, she makes the woman instantly feel like a million bucks. I love my onry spoiled baby girl. Thx

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