Have you thought about what you need for your new puppy or dog? If you haven’t, here is everything you will need – plus a free downloadable PDF New Puppy Shopping Checklist to make it easy for you.

But First:

Let’s say, you get home with your new puppy or dog and bring them in the house to meet everyone then whoops, guess what. The puppy was so excited or nervous he/she peed on your kitchen floor or worse your carpets.

It happens – Thinking back to my own experiences, I freaked out when that happened.

But over the years, I have learned ALOT from owning many puppies and dogs that… Well, I realized I better be prepared for all kinds of situations that can come up with owning dogs and believe me, it will happen. Lol…

Keep on reading for my tips…

New Puppy Shopping Checklist For All Your Supplies

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Puppy Shopping Advice

When you get your new puppy home, believe me, you aren’t going to want to run out to the store for pet supplies.

So, be prepared ahead of time with all the items needed for a new puppy. This way, you can spend that time bonding with them instead of freaking out because you don’t have everything you need for your cute pup. 

They’re just like having a new baby in the house… What do people do before having a baby? Well, someone usually throws them a baby shower (why not have a puppy shower LOL..), or they head out to the stores on their own to get all the things they think the new baby will need. Right? And let me tell you, getting a puppy isn’t going to be any different. Preparing beforehand is important.

New Puppy Starter Kit

So, I want to give you my handpicked new puppy shopping checklist.

I created this list to make sure you have everything you need for your first day with your puppy– plus I included some bonus items – in case you want to spoil them right away, and you know you will! Right? 🙂

What To Buy For A New Puppy

Must Haves To Put On Your Puppy Shopping Checklist:

Crate – 

You’ll need a crate on your puppy shopping list for sure. It’s a safe place for your puppy to sleep and to be when left home alone. 

Dogs are den animals, and crates mimic that of a wolf den. It also helps with potty training. This crate has a divider to make it smaller while the puppy is young, making it easy for potty training.

Pro tip: Putting a Blanket over the top of the top of the crate gives them a more cozy and secure feeling.Also, be sure to read my post on the Best Crates. It goes into more detail about crates I recommend.

Beds & Bedding

Puppies and dogs love to get cozy and to have their own bedding. I recommend in the beginning to use some old blankets or towels during the potting training phase in their crate or this crate pad that is easy to wash and dry. You can also get a beautiful cozy dog bed to keep in your family room area – so the puppy can have a place of their own. (not just your couch)

Pro tip: Stay away from beds with foam as they likely to tear them apart.

Puppy Snuggle Toy

This is a must-have toy that comes with a small heart inside that beats, it will keep your puppy company when they’re in their crate sleeping.

Being alone sleeping without their littermates is hard initially, so having this makes them feel like they’re still with them. The toy helps the puppy get used to their new living environment.

Your new puppy with love this snuggle toy.

Pro tip: I would only let the puppy have the snuggle toy when they’re going to sleep in their crate, so they relate it to sleep time.


Start with food that the breeder has been feeding them ( puppies eat three times a day) and if you are rescuing the puppy, make sure you buy a high-quality, grain-free kibble puppy food.

Amazon is a great place to get your food. They have reasonable prices, and I love that quick delivery and for the fact that I don’t have to carry the bag, especially because those food bags are always so heavy to carry. At least for me anyway. Lol…

Pro tip: Always check the first three ingredients to make sure there are no by-products in the food. 


Reward your puppy with a special snack for good behavior.

Treats are also excellent for motivation while training.

Just like the food, make sure it is high quality with great ingredients in it. All my puppies loved the treats below they really seemed to enjoy them and of course, always wanted more.

We want our pups around for many years, so feeding them the right things is essential.

Pro tip: Always go easy on the treats – tiny pieces are perfect for them, especially when it comes to training. Too much at one time can lead to stomach issues.


You will need two bowls, one for water and the other for food.

Puppies seem to think their dishes are toys and love to splash their water all over the floor. So let’s discourage that by getting a heavier bowl for them and one with rubber on the bottom so they can’t slide it around.

Stainless steel bowls are an excellent choice for hygiene.

If you are going to be traveling with your puppy, this travel bowl is a great option to take with you.

Pro tip: Also, a word of caution puppies are messy, so a good mat underneath the dishes helps keep things a little cleaner.

Harness or Collar – 

Depending on your breed -a harness works great for pups with the short faces ( I will only use a harness for my English bulldog), and soft collars will work for all other breeds of dogs if you prefer collars.

I love this harness for the fact that it is v-sharped around the neck area, so it doesn’t bother the puppy.

Pro tip: For a comfortable collar fit, allow for two fingers of space between the collar and your puppies neck – use an adjustable soft collar.


Leashes come in different sizes, it’s good to have at least two- a training lead and a walking lead. A 4-6ft lead is suitable for a new puppy anything longer is useful for training lessons (like calling them to come).

Pro tip: Try and stay away from retractable leashes they aren’t always safe for the owner.

ID Tag

Make sure you have an ID Tag made up with name, phone number and even email address in case your puppy wandered off.

You can have one made up at your local pet store or purchase right on Amazon.

Having your puppy microchipped is also a good idea. Most Breeders and Veterinarians will recommend it.

Pro tip: With all the tech out there – I love that you can track your dog with a pet tracker (they think of everything these days…) like the one below. Hook it right onto the puppies collar – it will make you feel at ease in case your puppy snuck at the door.

Puppy Potty Training Pads

Pick yourself up some puppy potty training pads to have in the house. It’s much better than putting old newspapers down for potty training.

Sometimes puppies tend to try and tear them up, though, but if you use them when you have the puppy in a playpen, you can always secure them with the corners of the pen or keep a good eye on them.

Pro tip: They have reuseable Potty Training Pads if you wish to go that route, and it more environmentally friendly.

Pet Cleaner

Having a good pet cleaner in the house for those puppy potty accidents  ( because you know it will happen) is a must. Start with a couple of bottles, so you don’t run out fast – Plus lots and lots of paper towels.

Pro tip: Vinegar and water also makes a great natural cleaner


Grooming Products

When it comes to grooming, it will depend on the breed, but these puppy essentials tend to cover every breed needs:

  • Soft brush
  • Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Microfiber Towel for easy drying
  • Cotton balls for putting in ears during bath
  • Ear cleaner
  • Nail Clippers 
  • Baby wipes (for quick cleanup)
  • Toothbrush


Puppies need to learn boundaries, so having them gated off in certain areas like a kitchen is a good idea – gates are also useful to put in front of stairs for the puppy’s safety.

Pro tip: There are many beautiful ones on the market to go with your home decor.


When you can’t keep an eye on your new puppy, it’s best to use a puppy playpen.

Remember, puppies are just like babies, so by putting the pup inside the playpen when you’re trying to get stuff done around the house, will give them a safe place to play.

Pro tip: Getting a playpen with a door will be easier for you to get the puppy in and out of it.

Pooper Scooper & Poop Bags

The yard will need to be cleaned up from those messy poops outside if we like it or not; it’s inevitable. That’s when a pooper scooper comes in handy. Also, you will need sturdy poop bags to take along with you on your daily walks for those potty breaks. 

Pro tip: It’s the law to pick up your dog’s poop – even if we don’t want to.

Bitter Apple Spray

Puppies tend to love chewing on things even though they aren’t supposed to, but it will occasionally happen, especially during the teething phase. This spray helps to make them think twice about doing that.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to use the spray, filling an empty plastic water bottle with some coins and give it a shake will also do the trick. Puppies won’t like the sound from the bottle and will rethink chewing on things their not supposed to everytime they hear it.

Car Seatbelt

When you are traveling with your puppy in the car, you’ll want to use a seatbelt for your pup’s safety –  just like you would for yourself. Their safety is as important as yours.

Pro tip: Never leave your puppy unattended in the car.


Puppy Toys

Puppy’s need lots of puppy toys to keep them busy. They get bored quickly with their toys, so having a large amount in the house gives them options.

They are essential to help with the puppy stages.

Pro tip: Supervise the puppy at all times with the toys and take away if your puppy starts to rip it apart. Offer a different toy to replace the ripped one – this will help prevent them from choking on any loose parts.

Puppy Bones

Puppies teeth are just like babies so having a chew toy that goes in the freezer (the cold toy helps soothe the teeth during the teething period) or a healthy puppy bone is critical to have in the house, especially if you don’t want them to start chewing on your furniture because they will find what they can to help make their teeth feel better.

Pro tip: No rawhide bones! They get soft and can cause the puppy to choke on it.

Fun Bonus

It’s always fun to show off your new puppy in a stylish bow tie or bandana- they always seem to get that extra attention with some of these fun accessories. Just saying… 🙂

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New Puppy Shopping Checklist

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Done For You New Puppy Shopping CheckList

This New Puppy Shopping Checklist is going to make your life so much easier and give you more time to enjoy that beautiful new addition to your family.

It’s our responsibility as a dog owner to provide them with everything they need to live a happy, healthy life, and getting them started with the right puppy supplies is a way we can do that. So go ahead and download the free PDF puppy shopping checklist today.

Until next time.

Have a pawsome day,

P.S. I would love to hear all about your new puppy or dog – so leave me a comment below – Oh, and maybe a picture. I love those puppy pictures.🙂

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