Are you looking for some cute dog bandanas that will add a fun, fashionable look to your pup?

dog wearing cute dog bandana that are super chic
5 Cute Dog Bandanas that are Super Chic

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It’s always fun to see dogs in bandanas. They make such a great fashion accessory.

But there’s so many out in the stores and online today to choose from, so I wanted to make your choices easier by showing you some of my favorite ones, and I’ll also let you know why I find these five adorable dog bandanas very stylish and comfortable for your dog to wear.

Dogs would look great wearing bandanas every day, or you can choose to have your dog wear this fashionable accessory on special occasions.

It’s totally up to you. 

The bandanas I’m going to show you are stylish enough to wear every day.

 A quick side note:

I found out that Oprah mentioned two of the bandanas I like in her Favorite Things list for 2019. Isn’t that cool?  Anyway, on to the list

Here they are:


1.) LUCY & CO. Dog Bandana

These bandanas from LUCY & CO. come in a lot of different patterns, but I have to say my favorite is the classic white and black checkered look. It”s listed under the name of BANDIT – bandana is 100% cotton and designer quality that you will love.

2.) CAROLLIFE Pet Bandana

The CAROLLIFE pet bandana is stylish with the added tassels on it. It is such an adorable look for your pup, don’t be surprised if everyone stops you on your next walk. The material is made of dyed cotton yarn, comfortable, and breathable for your dog. You can’t go wrong with any of the patterns of these bandanas.

3.) SPOT THE DOG Bandana

This bandana from SPOT THE DOG is not only super cute, but it’s obvious to see on your dog, so when you’re out with your pup, especially at night, any passerby will quickly notice them. It’s a great way to keep your pet safe. The orange with gray dots or red plaid with dogs is fun colors for dogs. 

The Spot The Dog bandana is one of the bandana’s mentioned in Oprah’s favorite things of 2019, so if she likes, it must be a winner. Right?

4.) LILY ANNE BOUTIQUE Premium Designer Dog Bandanas

You’ll find this group of dog bandanas from LILY ANNE BOUTIQUE modern and stylish. They will make your pup look; they are the classiest dog around. The bandanas are soft, lightweight, and 100% cotton. This brand has such great patterns for their bandanas, but my favorite in this group is the Navy one with its anchors. I find this bandana unique. You can find it listed under the name Isla.

5.) Odi Style Dog Bandana 

Odi style dog bandana makes quality products that last. I love the look of a flannel Bandana, Made of durable cotton yarn making this triangle bib soft, breathable and lightweight. It’s a classic, and the flannel pattern will look great on any dog.

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So there you have it.

5 Cute Dog Bandanas that your pup will love to wear. These unique bandanas are an easy solution to adding a little style to your dog, and Oh, how cute they will look…

So don’t be jealous when they get all the attention.😉

Also, keep this in mind:

****Please remember when you do put a bandana on your dog, fold it into a triangle and try not to tie it around the neck too tight – you want to leave plenty of space around the neck area and bandana, so your dog doesn’t get uncomfortable. We must always consider safety first when it comes to our dogs. It’s our responsibility as pet parents.


Cute Black Dog wearing a super stylish dog bandana
5 Cute Super Stylish dog Bandanas

Let me know what your favorite bandana is for your dog in the comments below…….

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day!

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