How To Have A Fun Dog Easter Egg Hunt

puppy with easter eggs

A lot of towns and communities know how to have a fun dog easter egg hunt for our furry pups.

 As a crazy dog mom, I love the idea. 

There’s a dog easter egg hunt near me every year that I look forward too.

Ahh… Remember the days of running around and having fun Easter egg hunts when you were a kid? 

Those sure were happy days. I remember that we would even hide real hard-boiled colored eggs ( I mean the Easter bunny that is). My mom’s famous spot was hiding them in the cereal boxes. 

She thought she was clever, huh?

One of the best parts of the hunt was that we always included our dogs and why not they’re family too. 

Don’t you agree?

So I thought it would be great to give you some ideas on how you can organize an Easter egg hunt event for your dogs.

Because I realize not every community will make an effort to have a dog easter egg hunt for their local furry friends.

And, if your local town doesn’t have one. Then why not start a hunt in your community or your yard with some neighbors, friends, and family.

Let’s do this:

how to have a dog easter egg hunt
How to have a Dog Easter Egg Hunt

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How To Have A Dog Easter Egg Hunt

According to this article from PBS dogs have a great sense of smell so, having an egg hunt would make for an enjoyable easter for your dog.

Start by finding an open grassy field or big fenced in yard that’s a safe environment for your dogs. 

Make up some flyers for the kids to hand out door to door or spread the word on social media inviting your friends, family, and neighbors dogs to your dog easter event

You could even mention that their pups can come dressed in their favorite easter attire or come wearing a favorite bandana or bow tie to make it extra festive. 🙂

Get all the kids involved in the event also and, honestly, the kids will have so much fun that they will want to participate.  

Each child that joins in on the fun can be in charge of one dog. 

The kids can help guide the dogs to the spots where you hide the Easter eggs (that is if they need the help). 

Not only will the kids have fun, but what a great teaching opportunity for you to show your kids responsibility by helping the dogs. So it’s a win-win in my book.

Supplies You Need For Your Dog Easter Egg Hunt

These supplies are all you’ll need to make your hunt go smoothly. 

  • Plastic Easter Eggs – Get ones with the little holes in them so they can smell what’s in the egg. The colors of the eggs won’t matter much since dogs don’t see colors – they will, however, use their excellent sense of smell to find them. If the eggs you get don’t come with any holes in it already poke some of your own.
  • Healthy Treats – For treats, small-sized treats to fit inside the Easter egg will work well. They can be store-bought or homemade. Pieces of cooked bacon, cheese sticks cut up, or Hot dogs cut up would also work.
  • Easter Dog Toys – These you can give away to the dogs that don’t want to participate, or you can give away as a prize for the dog who found the most eggs. They don’t have to be expensive. You can find some great toys right on amazon…


Quick Tip: You want to make sure to have bowls of water out for the dogs; all that running around will be sure to make them thirsty. Having some drinks for the kids and adults attending might also be a good idea.

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Important Read this:

Pin this to your easter board so you can refer back to it.

puppy in easter egg hunt basket
How To Have A Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Keeping Dogs Safe During The Easter Egg Hunt

Alright, Now that you have everything you need to have your dog easter egg hunt and you’re ready to hide the Easter eggs.

We don’t want to forget that our dog’s safety should always be first – so before your Easter celebration lets talk about safety. 

Here are important safety tips I think you should keep in mind.

  1. Supervise, Supervise and Supervise (very important)
  2. Keep them on a leash, so they don’t get into any mischief, and if they are too strong for a child to handle them, have an adult help out to keep everyone safe.
  3. Watch they don’t eat any of the plastic eggs – use treat balls if you are worried about them with the plastic eggs.
  4. For dogs that don’t get along with other dogs, have a separate area for them so they can have fun also have a separate area for any puppies, so they don’t get run over by the older dogs.
  5. Make sure there’s NO CHOCOLATE around for your pups to get. It is toxic and unsafe for dogs to eat that.
  6. Watch they don’t eat too many treats at one time because they can end up with a stomach ache or worst diarrhea – instead, save some for another time.

An Easter Egg Hunt For Your Dog To Remember

So, now you’re ready and know what you need to make it a fun day to remember.

Your family, friends, and neighbors, along with their pups, are sure to have a blast.  

Just a heads up and believe me when I tell you that all the dogs and their humans will look forward to having this fun dog easter egg hunt each and every year for now on – so be prepared. 🙂

Let’s keep creating great memories…

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day!

P.S. What is your favorite Homemade Easter treat for your dog? Tell me in the comments..

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