Small Dog Paw Tattoo Ideas For Women

Are you a dog mom looking for a creative small dog paw tattoo to show off how much you love your dog?


You’ll want to read below about all the small dog paw tattoo ideas for women I have that I’m sure you’ll love.

We all know that tattoos are a thing of today. Just take a look around on one of your daily outings, and you’ll be sure to notice someone proudly displaying one or maybe two tattoos. 

And dog lovers (that’s why you found this post in the first place, right? :)) are no different when it comes to tattoos.

That’s why you’ll find many women who are dog lovers looking to show off their love for their dog with a unique dog tattoo.

Keep reading for the list of dog paw tattoo ideas.

small dog paw tattooo idea for women
small paw print tattoos for women

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But First:

What Do Dog Paw Tattoos Mean For Women

Most women will get a tattoo because the tattoo will have a special meaning to them.

The tattoo can represent a memorable time in their life or the love of family. 

Since dogs are family.

A dedicated dog mom wouldn’t hesitate to find a way of showing off that love for her furry friend. One way she can do that is by getting a special dog paw print tattoo to represent her dear pet. 

It’s something that a dog mom can cherish for the rest of her life.

Small Dog Paw Print Tattoo Designs

A small dog paw print tattoo is, in my opinion, elegant and classy for women.


Here’s the list of designs that I think will be perfect and eye-catching for your next tattoo.

 And, I hope you find them perfect too.

Below are pictures of the dog paw tattoos designs. Check them out and hopefully, they’re what you’re looking for and can help spark some inspiration for your next tattoo. I think you can’t go wrong with any of them.

1.) Tattoo design of two small dog paw prints inside an infinity symbol with a picture of a dog.

dog paw prints inside an infinity symbol with a picture of a dog

2.) Tattoo design with a large heart to make the shape of a dog paw print.

large heart to make a dog paw print

3.) Tattoo design with paw print inside of heart.

paw print inside heart design

4.) Tattoo design with tiny paw prints

tiny paw prints making a heart design

5.) Cute design of two little paw prints in the center of the word woof. They replace the two letter o’s in the word to make this adorable dog tattoo.

two tiny paw prints inside the word of woof replacing the o's in the word

6.) This tattoo artwork of two small dog paw prints in this image is a great design for a subtle look for behind the ear.

Dog Mom Ideas for small dog paw print tattoos
dog mom ideas for small dog paw tattoos

More To Read:

Where is The Best Placement for A Small Dog Paw Tattoo

Now it’s time to think about where you want to place your small dog paw print tattoo. 

Placement of your dog tattoo is, of course, a personal decision for each of us.

Still, I think it should be placed in an area that you can really showcase the artwork and relay how special this tattoo is to you. 

Here are some options that I personally think will show off your tattoo in a way that I know you will be so happy with it.

Place your dog paw tattoo:

  • inside of the wrist
  • outside of the ankle
  • on top of the foot
  • on the back of the lower leg
  • behind your ear
  • back of your shoulder
  • on top of the hand

If you aren’t totally sure about getting a permanent dog paw print tattoo just yet you could always try it out with a temporary one. Amazon has some great options to check out.

How to Choose Where to Get A Dog Paw Tattoo

Don’t just choose any ole Tattoo Parlor. 

There’s a lot of factors to consider when deciding where to get your tattoo done. Because first and foremost, we need to keep ourselves safe from any complications that can arise. 

Like with any procedure that involves using a needle, sometimes there could be health risks involved, so that’s why it’s essential to do your homework beforehand. 

If you want to read some of the risks, you can do so here on WebMD.

You see, knowledge is power when it comes to choosing what’s right for you.

So, The first thing you should do is thoroughly research each tattoo shop around your area. You will want to look for information about what makes that particular shop the right choice for you to get your tattoo before deciding where to have it done.

And here are some of those factors that you should look at to help make your decision:

  1. How skilled is the tattoo artist
  2. Is the tattoo parlor clean just like a medical facility would be
  3. Are they willing to sit down with you and show there past work with you
  4. Is all their equipment sterile
  5. Read all reviews all the tattoo shop
  6. Ask for references of past clients
  7. Ask about the ink they use
  8. Does the tattoo artist wear gloves
  9. What are their aftercare instructions 

If you are looking for more information regarding state by state rules, you can find great information here.

Dog Paw Print Tattoos That Dog Mom’s Will Cherish

I hope you could come away with some good ideas from this post about small dog paw tattoos for women.

It really is a great way to show the world how your dog is so much more than just a dog to you.

Good luck with your choice of tattoo, I know you will cherish it forever.

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day

Hey, one more thing – Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the designs or if you have any other designs you think I should add to the list… ☺

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