Awesome Dog Dad Gift Ideas For Men

When it comes to looking for gifts, we can’t forget the men in our lives, especially a man who loves his dog. I have awesome dog dad gift ideas that will make him happy for any occasion. 

Men are sometimes hard to shop for, and instead of buying them the usually sports apparel or the typical gift of socks ( that’s something I’m guilty of doing lol), how about a gift that’s dog-related for the special man you’re looking to get a present for.

Shopping online can sometimes get overwhelming, so I’ve made it easier for you with these perfect ideas for any guy who loves his dog.

Let’s take a look:

Dog Dad With Dog

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Dog Dad Gift Ideas

1. NFL Football And Dog Wood Sign

This is a great gift for a man to add to any room in his house. It’s perfect for hanging right near their TV or for putting on a shelf in their office. It’s simple yet meaningful.

2. Best Dog Dad Ever Baseball Tee

I can picture this baseball tee being worn on the daily weekend walk with their pup. It’s a comfortable tee that would look nice on any man for any time of the year.

3. Men’s Paw Print Neck Tie

If you know a man that is always dressed in business clothes that loves his dog, this would be a perfect gift for him. Its small print of dog paws makes this tie a simple but elegant addition to wearing his favorite business attire.

4. The Dog Father Glass

Any dog dad would appreciate this cute glass to have their favorite cocktail in. Adding a bottle of their favorite liquor along with this glass will make this a perfect gift for a dog dad that enjoys a cocktail once in a while.

The Dog Father Glass
Credit: Etsy-JMCreations18

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5. Dog Dad Bracelet

A lot of men love to wear bracelets. Dog dads will love this personalized genuine leather with sterling silver charm with their dog’s name on it. It makes a special gift that they will have for a lifetime.

Credit: Etsy-ScriptLeather

6. Dog Dad Baseball Hat

Baseball caps are usually a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Any dog dad will appreciate the words on this cap and would happily wear it with pride.

Credit: Etsy – CollarDoos

7. Dog Dad Pint Glass

This is a great gift for the beer-loving dog dad. Like the other glass I mentioned above, I would add a 6 pack of their favorite beer and this pint glass to make it a complete gift.

Credit: Etsy – JMCreations18

8. Dog Dad Shirt

You can’t go wrong with an everyday t-shirt as a gift, and this one would be a hit for any dog dad. It’s also affordable, so that’s a plus for all looking for budget friendly gifts.

Credit: Etsy – EBollo

9. Dog Dad Toiletry Bag

We all travel at times. This travel toiletry bag would make a wonderful gift for the men that has everything. It a useful gift for the everyday dog dad. It’s super adorable.

10. Dog Dad Crew Socks

Ok, I was trying to avoid adding socks to this list. But when I came across these dog dad socks, I couldn’t resist.. lol.  You can’t go wrong if you are looking for a budget-friendly gift for your dog dad in your life.

11. Dog And Dog Dad NFL Jersey

Men love football jerseys, so why not give a dog dad a gift of an NFL jersey for him and his dog. This would be so awesome as a gift, and he for sure will love it. This is number one on my list.

12. Dog Dad Cufflinks And Tie Clips

These cufflinks and tie clips are another great option for that dog dad that’s always dressed in business attire. It’s a practical gift but still a way for that dog dad to show off his love for his furry friend.

13. Dog Dad Picture Frame

A Picture of a dog, dad’s best friend, in this frame, will be a meaningful gift for any time of the year. It’s an adorable wood frame that would look great in any room.

Credit: Etsy – CustomWoodWonders

14. Dog Dad Golf Ball Marker and Clip Set

If you are looking for a dog dad gift that loves golf, this will make a perfect gift. Honestly, and dog lovers will play golf will that it not just dog dads. 

Credit: Etsy – RosiesDesignStudio

15. Dog Dad Custom Mug

This will make a coffee-drinking dog dad smile for sure when he receives this awesome mug with him and his dog on it. I love how personalized it is and shows how you really thought out your gift for that special dog, dad.

Credit: Etsy – ShopLightandShine

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Dog Dad with dog

Final Thoughts: Dog Dad Gifts For Men

There you go! Dog dad gifts ideas for men don’t have to be hard to think of.

This list is all you need to make your gift-giving choice easy. I’m sure that special dog dad will love whatever you choose to give them. Please have fun shopping, no need for you to stress about it. 🙂

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day!

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