Can Dogs Eat Edamame? {Feel Certain About Feeding Your Dog}

I love eating edamame for a snack, and often my dogs are right there with me looking to see if I’m going to share with them. Most of the time, I do only if the snack is healthy, and right now, my boxer Mia is on a diet. She is 13 pounds overweight, and we are working on it, so making sure I feed her something not fattening is essential. But when it came to edamame, I wondered, Can dogs eat edamame? So I started digging around because this was a particular food that I just wasn’t sure about.

In this post, I will share with you all that I learned so this way you can have all the information about edamame in one place to save you from having to do the research.

Can dogs eat edamame?

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Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

The best news is, Yes, Dogs Can Eat Edamame

Edamame is a plant-based protein from the legume plant. Some people think of it as a pretty high-powered somewhat veggie because people often are confused about whether its a veggie or a bean. 

You can think of it how you what, but it comes from a soybean that is still immature and is packed with lots of nutritional valves with some downsides, But we will get into that in a minute. 

When it comes to a plant protein, Soy is on the top of the list for being of the best quality.

Is Edamame Bad For Dogs

No, edamame is not bad for dogs. 

But if you were to feed your dog to much edamame just like with any food, it could possibly cause some side effects. 

Here’s what I would do:

If you are feeding edamame to your dog for the first time, watch how they react to the new food. 

For me, I like to Keep track of any new food introduced to my dogs, and you should do the same, so this way you know if they have any side effects from eating it.

I made a Pet food tracker you can use to do that. It’s completely free for my readers, so be sure to download it. I love using the tracker, so this way, I don’t have to second guess myself on what new food I gave to my dogs. 

You should only feed your dog a small amount of the beans from 2-3 pods. It should be enough.

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Benefits of Dogs Eating Edamame:

There are a lot of good nutritional benefits dogs can get from eating edamame.

Which are:

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Omega-3
  • Vitamin C

Below is a chart from showing the nutrition valves of edamame:

image credit: medical news today

So you see, Soy is a good source of protein for dogs, especially for those pups that are lactose intolerant and who are allergic to certain animal proteins.

However, the Soy will need to be broken up into small pieces for their digestive system.

The omega’s in the soy also helps keep your dog’s skin healthy, and the fiber can help with weight control for your pets. Soy is also liver friendly than most animal proteins.

Possible Soybean Concerns For Dogs:

Like I mentioned above, if you feed your dog to much edamame, their digestive system might start to do some funky things.

So here are a few things that soy can cause issues with if your dog happens to have a bad reaction to the soybeans: 

1. Allergic reactions in some dogs if not given in small pieces, so look for things such as hives. 

2. Diarrhea in dogs

3. Cause gas to much fiber

4. Vomiting 

5. Ear infections 

6. Obsessive licking 

7. Hair loss 

Note: This is just a guideline for possible side effects. Most dogs don’t have these issues, as I talked about above, they could get many great benefits from having edamame. But not all dogs are made the same, just like people, and it is better to know what to look for if their body doesn’t agree with soy. Honestly, I think it’s rare if they do.

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Is it ok for dogs to have edamame?

Ways To Prepare Edamame So Dogs Can Eat the Soybean Safely:

When people prepare edamame to eat, they are several different ways to do that. But when it comes to giving it to our dogs, we shouldn’t feed it to them all ways.

Let’s go over the different ways and find out which way is better for your dog. 

Fried Edamame:

Fried Edamame is usually cooked in oil. When something is fried, it usually tends to be more on the greasy side, which can upset stomachs, so this wouldn’t be the right choice for your dog.

Baked Edamame:

When edamame is baked in an oven, seasoning is usually added. If you want to feed baked edamame to your dog, please make sure it’s plain with no seasoning.

Frozen Edamame:

People usually will cook frozen edamame, but if you wanted to give it to your dogs as a cold treat, they would be okay with it. 

Steamed Edamame: 

Edamame steamed is a healthy choice this way of cooking is usually quick and isn’t sitting in oils or seasoning. This is another good choice when feeding it to your dog.

Microwaved Edamame:

Microwaved Edamame is another quick way of cooking edamame again as long as it has no added salt. It would be okay to feed your dog.

Raw Edamame:  

Raw edamame is the most natural form of eating it and a choice when feeding some to your dogs. Pop the beans out and let them enjoy as a snack.

Safety Tip:

An important note to make is that when feeding your dog edamame, feed them just the beans inside the pod. The pod (skin) of the edamame is tough and can cause your dog to choke if it was to get stuck in their throat, plus they are hard to digest.

Edamame For Dogs:

I hope this post was able to answer your question, “Can dogs eat edamame?” 

Just remember when feeding your dog, everything should be feed in moderation and keep track of any new food you introduce. 

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I love providing my readers with the answers they are looking for, so it makes it easy for you to raise a happy, healthy dog.

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