11 Tips on How To Bathe Your Dog at Home [Easily]

Do you want to save some money? The monthly cost of having a dog can add up pretty fast. So I save money by bathing my dogs at home and so can you. I have some great tips to share with you on how to bathe your dog at home that will help make washing your pup easy.

I know no two dogs are the same.

Some will like getting a bath, and others won’t – It’s that simple. (my two dogs are totally different, my English Bulldog jumps right in, and my Boxer starts shaking).

But, a bath is an essential part of keeping our dogs healthy, so it’s something we must do.

Plus, by bathing them, it will help keep your home from smelling like a wet dog odor.

You don’t want your house to smell of dog odor, Right?

How To Bathe Your Dog At Home
How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

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Popular Questions on How To Bathe a Dog or Puppy at Home:

Here is a list of some of the most asked questions on how to bathe your dog or puppy at home that I get a lot.

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#1. How Often To Bathe a Dog?

All dogs have different skin types. Some are more sensitive than others, so how often you bathe your dog all depends on the condition of your dog’s skin type and coat.

Dogs with dry, itchy skin I would recommend you wash once a month. You can end up drying up their skin if they’re getting too many baths by stripping away the natural oils of their skin.

If your dog has what we call a normal skin type, meaning that it’s neither dry or oily, I recommend washing twice a month.

The bottom line is – bathing a dog too much will dry out the natural oils in your dog’s skin. We don’t want to create dry, itchy skin that could lead to other issues such as skin infections so we can’t overdo it.

#2. Where To Wash Your Dog?

The best place to bathe your dog would be in a bathroom tub. If you don’t have a bathtub, you could use your shower – hook up a portable sprayer to make rinsing easy. Also, if your dog is on the smaller size, your kitchen sink or a laundry room utility sink will be perfect for your pup.

For those of you that have nice sunny warm weather, giving your dog a bath outside is also an option. You can use the garden hose on your deck, or one of my favorite hacks is to use a small outside kiddie pool.

If you do wash your dog outside please make sure the outside air temperature is not to cool. Dogs don’t like to take a cold bath.

If your weather temperature isn’t warm enough, use your tub or shower inside.

#3. Can I Use Human Shampoo on My Dog?

Humans and dogs have different ph levels.

The ph levels in human shampoos are different then shampoos made for dogs.

Human shampoos will not cause harm if used, but they tend to leave a dog’s skin dry and flaky.

And that would be the last thing we want because that can lead to your dog having dandruff and scratching. Which then can cause unwanted skin irritations or infections.

Dog shampoos will work best with your dog’s ph levels, so I would stick with using them if you can.

I love all-natural shampoos for my dogs – I buy them right from amazon they have really good reviews too.

#4. What Dog Bath Essentials Do I Need?

These are the bath items you’ll need:


  • Cotton balls for the ears to keep water out of them.
  • Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Grooming brush (I use the kong zoom groom it helps loosen up dead hair, so your dog gets a good deep clean, and they also get a bonus message from it dogs love it…)
  • Dog bath attachment sprayer for the tub to make it easy to rinse your dog
  • Bath towels (I always have two microfiber towels on hand)
  • Sticky Mat (The mat is a good distraction tool for the dogs that need it to keep them calm during their bath).
  • Treats for when finished to reward them for good behavior.


#5. What is the Best Water Temperature For A Dog’s Bath?

Like you and me (Well, at least me haha), dogs don’t like a cold bath, so it’s best to keep your dog’s bathwater temp at a lukewarm temperature level.

Water that is too hot could be hazardous to your dog and also can dry out their skin.

Check the water temp throughout the bath to make sure it doesn’t get to cold.

#6. How To Wash My Dog’s Head?

When washing your dog, his or her head should always be the last area you wash. So avoid getting it wet until the very end.

Start from the backend working your way to your dog’s head and ears. By doing this, it helps keep them calm during the bath. Most dogs don’t like it when their face is wet.

Please avoid using a lot of water around the face area if you can and try to avoid the eye area.

You can always go over the face and eye area with a baby wipe or washcloth if needed.

The last thing we want to do is stress them out.

#7. How To Keep Water Out of a Dog’s ears?

To avoid your dog’s ears from getting wet during a bath, insert some cotton balls gently in the ears.

By inserting cotton balls, it will help prevent the water from getting into the ear canal.

Excess water in the ear canal can produce moisture that then can lead to ear infections.

Make sure to completely dry the ear area the best you can when finished with the bath.

#8. Best Way To Dry Your Dog After A Bath?

The best way to dry your dog after a bath will depend on your dog’s coat.

Short-haired coat dogs dry off quickly with some good microfiber towels. 

For Long-haired coat dog’s it’s best to towel dry and use a hairdryer.

But avoid using the dryer on high heat. Use cool air to dry to avoid damaging your dog’s skin.

Pet hair dryers used by groomers have a cool air temperature only, so they are truly the best to use. But if you don’t have one and are using a regular hair dryer, only use the cool air option on it.

#9. How To Bathe A Dog That Hates Water?

If your dog dislikes water, the first thing would be to try to get them not to be afraid of the bath. I know this might be a hard task for some because some dogs will resist, but it’s worth a try.

Start with a little bit of training by putting them in an empty bathtub with some treats to get them used to the tub. Do this over multiple days, so they start to feel comfortable and realize it’s not such a bad place to be.

Then when you feel that they are ready, start to introduce a little bit of water with them in the tub or shower.

It’s best to try and use a handheld shower sprayer when doing this. If you don’t have one, try and purchase an attachment sprayer for your tub if your budget allows. Having a sprayer makes it easy for you to control the water. This way, you aren’t getting your dog’s entire body wet at one time.

Start with washing their feet then working your way over time to other areas of the body.

This whole process can take time for your dog to get used to. So if you see your dog is feeling stressed, give your dog a break and try another day.

In the meantime, you can use baby wipes or dry shampoo on your dog.

#10. What if You Don’t Have A Tub To Wash Your Dog?

If you don’t have a tub to wash your dog, you can use your shower. Be prepared to go in with your pup while you shower them -it’s easier that way to get the job done. 🙂 

For small dogs, your kitchen sink is a good place for a bath.

Another option is, and only if the weather permits you to, is to bath your dog outside with the garden hose.

My favorite dog bath hack is to use a small kiddie pool outside. Fill it up a little with water using the garden hose and let the water warm up a bit from the sun.

Have some fun with your dog by adding some water toys in the pool while you bathe them to keep them occupied. They will love it.

#11. How To Give A Dog A Bath Without Water?

If there is no water around for you to bathe your dog, then baby wipes or dry dog shampoo will do the job for the time being.

Also, if you haven’t heard of the Bissell Bark Bath, you should check it out. This product works like a carpet shampooer, but for your dog, It’s pretty cool.

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How To bathe your dog at Home
How To Bath Your Dog At Home

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Tips on How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

I hope these tips on how to bathe your dog at home were helpful to you.

Not only will you be saving money by bathing your dog at home.

You will also be creating a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day!

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