Can Coronavirus Infect My Dog? (Dog tested finds weak Coronavirus aka Covid-19 Virus in Hong Kong 2020)

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coronavirus and dogs not feeling good

Dogs are family too! And the question is, can coronavirus infect my dog, like humans?

We know this is a scary time for people all over the world.

I know we’re all-consuming as much information we need to keep ourselves out of risk, but what about our pets they are important also.

With news that came out of Hong Kong about a dog that was tested for what they call a weak Covid-19 virus.

I thought it was important to talk about this with my readers. 

And since this is an ever-evolving situation, I will continue to add to this post as information comes out.

So please check back when you can…

can dogs be infected by coronavirus to make dog not feel good.
can dogs be infected by the coronavirus

Please Note: There is a canine coronavirus (CCOV) that doesn’t pass to humans in any way. It isn’t connected with the new Covid-19 virus – So please do not confuse the two.

Dog Tested Positive for the Covid-19 Virus

What we know so far about the history of the dog in Hong Kong that tested positive for the Covid-19 virus by means of a nasal and oral test.

Is that: 

This case was reported by the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department in Hong Kong. This dog is said to be owned by a person with the Coronavirus. 

The dog tested positive for a weak Covid-19 virus, but they are not sure if the dog is infected.

The dog is also not showing any relevant symptoms.

But, they will keep the dog in quarantine and further test the dog.

They want to make sure and see if it was a result of environmental contamination of the dog’s mouth and nose from the owner coughing or sneezing droplets on the dog or not.

As of today, this is the first dog heard of having it, and even know the reports are stating it has a weak test result.

It is still something we should watch.

*Updated information on the dog from Hong Kong: I found out the dog is a pomeranian and was retested for the third time on March 2nd with a result of again a weak positive for coronavirus but still is showing no signs of being ill which is a good thing to hear.

Experts from the University of Hong Kong and the World Organisation for animal health (OIE) say they support those results and that it was a human to animal transmission.

The pomeranian will continue to be quarantined until he tests negative for covid-19.

Also to note: There is a second dog that is also quarantined there in Hong Kong but tested negative on the first test but will be tested again.

The information out still seems to show no evidence that our pets should be a concern of infection.

They do note to continue with good hygiene and if you become ill with the virus to have someone else care for your pet if needed.

As pet owners, we need to know if our dogs can catch this truly awful disease going around.

Ways To Help Prevent The Covid-19 Virus in Dogs and People

Knowledge is power! 

The best thing we can do right now for ourselves, our dogs, and for any pet for that matter is to continue good hygiene.

Wash, wash and wash and for at least 20 seconds each time you wash your hands. ( remember what you are taught at a young age about singing the alphabet when washing.) 

If we can do one thing that would help avoid our pets from getting this, we should.

Dogs, as we know, tend to lick everything from outside to inside our homes.

So, what we can do as pet parents is to keep things clean as much as we can inside our homes.

That will be a benefit to us and our pets.

For when we are outside our homes, for now, keeping ourselves distant from sick people around us is the best thing we can do at this moment.

Unless we hear otherwise from essential places like the CDC and the WHO organizations.

Pro Tip: Remember to use Pet safe cleaning products. The last thing we want to do is cause other health issues.

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dog parents stay informed about coronavirus. dog wearing a health mask
Dog Parents-Stay informed about the coronavirus

What Dog Owners Can Do To Stay Informed About If Coronavirus Can Infect Their Dog.

At this moment, according to the AFCD, there is any known proof right now that dogs can be infected with the Coronavirus (aka Covid-19 virus) or if they can pass it to people.

But they will carefully keep a watch on this dog that tested positive for this Covid-19 virus.

Maria Van Kerkhove from the World Health Organization also said on Friday, February 28th, 2020, that there will be further testing of the dog at their news conference so that they can learn more.

As I continue to hear what is happening, I will be sure to follow up and keep you informed.

Please note: With any concern, you may have when it comes to your dog, please do not hesitate to contact your local Veterinarian. 

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day!

If anyone has any information to add please leave in the comments- more info the better…

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