7 DIY DOG GROOMING TOOLS {To Make Your Dog Beautiful}

Do you have a dog that you would like to groom at home? Going to a professional groomer can quickly add up in cost over time. Wouldn’t it be great to save some extra cash when you can instead of paying a local groomer? Just saying :)… So, if you’re interested in trying your hand at grooming your dog, then take a look at this list of DIY dog grooming tools I have for you.

Not all grooming tools for at-home are made the same, just like anything else in this world, there are just way too many products out there that can make us feel overwhelmed. Don’t you agree?

DIY Dog Grooming Tools
DIY Dog Grooming Tools

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So, In this post: 

I’ll go over what type of grooming tools you’ll need to use and which grooming tools I think are better quality for you when deciding on a tool.

You see:

The better the quality, the easier the job will be for you. We all want easy these days, don’t we?

Your dog will also come out cleaner and healthier from using a dog grooming tool that gets the job done right from the gitgo. Believe me; I have been through so many lol.

 In the end, you will have one happy, sharp-looking pup.

Alright, read on to find out what they are:

DIY Dog Grooming Tools:

1.) Dog Combs 

When it comes to untangling fur, dog combs come in handy for dogs that need a little more help with their coat (especially long-haired dog coats).

They’re useful for areas that are hard to reach with a brush like ears, paws, and the tail area. 

When using a comb, remember to be gentle and not pull too hard as you go through the fur.

Best Dog Comb:

2.) Dog Brushes

This is the most important grooming tool to have in the house. You should brush your dog daily to keep them clean and free from disease. 

As you brush your pup, it will help release your dog’s natural skin oils, allowing new hair growth and keeping your dog’s skin moisturized. 

Otherwise, your dog could develop lots of dandruff, and dander could lead to health issues. 

There are many types of dog brushes. When choosing – please consider buying a brush that is geared towards your dog’s coat type.

Best Dog Brush:

3.) Dematting Tool

If you have a long-haired coat dog and are having matting issues with your dog’s fur even after brushing and using a comb, a de-matting tool would be your next step.

This grooming tool breaks up matt concentration into small pieces that a brush and comb can’t do.

Best Dematting Tool:

4.) Scissors ( aka Shears)

For dogs that need hair cuts, scissors (aka shears) are good to have on hand at the house.

There are many different scissors to use, like curved shears, straight shears, thinning shears, and blunt-tipped shears. Which one you need to use will all depend on the breed of your dog.

If you’re going give this part of grooming a go and try to cut your dog’s hair, it would be best to have a little training beforehand, so you know how to properly use them. 

DIY Dog Grooming Resources:

There are many grooming training courses that you can sign up for online, and if that’s not an option for you, think about getting yourself a helpful book to learn from on dog grooming for beginners.

Also, here’s a Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming Video that can help you out, and I think you will find it very helpful, so go ahead and check it out.

*Note: Not feeling comfortable with the clipping or cutting part grooming your dog? Then find a local professional groomer to help you out. You can have them cut your dog’s hair minus the bath and combing to save yourself some money.

Best Scissors (aka Shears)

5.) Dog Clipper & Blades

Some dogs are cut and clipped in a particular style determined by breed that goes back for years.

Dog clippers go hand in hand with scissors.

When choosing your dog clippers to use at home, you’ll have two options—a clipper with permanent blades and changeable blades.

Clippers with the changeable blades will have to be replaced with new blades once in a while.

Personally I think it’s more sanitary to get changeable clipper blades.

And as I mentioned above.

If you’re comfortable using the dog clippers by yourself – then go ahead and give it a try.

But if you aren’t sure about using the clippers but still want to try, you can always clip and cut the areas you feel comfortable with – like the bottom of the paws, maybe?.

Leave the rest of the job for your local dog groomer. Never do anything if you don’t feel like you can do it.

Best Dog Clipper and Blades:

6.) Dog Nail Clippers With Safety Guard

Dog nail clippers are an important tool to have at home always. Caring for your dog’s nails is a must. Clipping your dogs nail will need to be done often.

This tool will keep your dog’s nails cleaned and trimmed.

There are two types of dog nail clippers out on the market, scissors style nail clipper and the guillotine style clipper. Both work effectively well.

Best Dog Nail Clipper:

7.) Bathing Supplies 

Your dog grooming tool kit should also include the necessary bath supplies for bathing your dog – like shampoos, conditioners, and towels.

I go over everything you need in my post on how to bathe your dog at home. I’m sure you will find it helpful as well – so be sure to check it out.

Best Bathing Supplies:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Dog Towel
  4. Bath Brush

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DIY Dog Grooming Tools

Extra DIY Dog Grooming Supplies:

These dog grooming supplies might not be a necessity for everyone – but they sure can be helpful to some.

Especially if you are grooming your dog by yourself.

So I decided it would be a good idea for me to mention a few luxury supplies that might make your whole DIY grooming your dog at home faster and less stressful.  

Optional Grooming Tools Are:

Final Thoughts on DIY Grooming Tools

There you have it…

As you can see, we don’t always have to take our pets to the groomer. We can get it done right at home by making yourself a nice supply kit with these DIY grooming tools. 

All these tools mentioned will help to keep your dog clean and healthy. The focus word should be healthy, and grooming our dogs will help do just that – Keep them healthy!

Until next,

Have a pawsome day!

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