5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Quiet While Working From Home

Are you new to working out of your home office and trying to figure out how to keep your dog quiet while working from home

We all know that our dogs love to be by our sides all the time, and honestly, as dog parents, let’s not pretend we don’t like it too.

But there are times when we do need to focus and not be interrupted during our day. One of those times is when working from home.

Your dog is going to be so excited having you at home, and you won’t have to worry about leaving your dog at home alone while you go out to work since you now will be home – so at least you both in a way will be less stressed because I know that a lot of dog parents worry about having to leave their pup home alone all day.

So, in the long run, you being able to work from home will be a blessing for both of you. 

The benefits that we get from our dogs are truly priceless.

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I have some excellent solutions that can help you that I know you can put into place immediately. 

There is definitely an adjustment period, and the task can be challenging, but if you stick to a routine, it will all work out, and you’ll be able to get some work done.

Keep reading for 5 tips on how to entertain your dog for hours at home:

woman working at home keeping dog quiet
5 ways to keep your dog quiet when working at home

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How To Keep Your Dog Quiet While Working From Home

1). Daily Exercise 

woman walking with dog

Exercise is an essential part of a dog’s day. A lot of our dog’s bad habits and behaviors can be cured just by giving your dog some exercise.

Dog’s need to work also.

If they’re bored and not physically satisfied, they will look for ways to fulfill that, and it’s usually by starting to misbehave like chewing on things that they shouldn’t be touching and by barking at us to get our attention.

So, by exercising your dog for 30 minutes in the morning and then 30 minutes in the late afternoon, you’ll likely have a quiet behaved dog that probably will rest in his or her dog bed near you as you work.

2). Mental Stimulation 

dog with kong toy
Studio portrait of a Bernard Sennenhund dog with its blue chew toy at its feet.

Giving dogs mental stimulation is an excellent way to keep your dog busy while you are working from home. You see, working your dog’s mind will tire your dog out. It is beneficial for their overall health also.

Filling an interactive dog treat toy like a Kong with peanut butter, or other healthy treats is a good way to keep them mentally engaged. Since they have to work hard at it to get that treat they want from the inside of the toy out of it they will become mentally tired and be ready for their next nap.:)

There’s also a lot of dog puzzles and lick mats on the market, which will also keep them busy for part of the day if needed, so make sure you have these ready to go before your workday starts.

My best advice would be to use them during your most busy time of the day, like when you have to be making phone calls, for instance – they’ll be sure to keep them quiet for a while.

4). Music

dog on couch with head phones listening to music

Believe it or not, Music can calm and relax dogs.

I have read great articles on this, and I have noticed it first hand with my own dogs.

I like to play the station classical for pets on my amazon echo alexa all the time for my dogs. (By the way, if you don’t have an Alexa device, you should think about getting one, it is really great.) I ask the alexa device to play it for them then head to my office.

When I get a quick break, I’ll check on them, and I almost always find them sleeping on the couch. It’s amazing how it works. Music is honestly so good for all pets and humans for when we both need to relax.

3). Mid- Day Playtime

dog outside with ball in mouth

Mid-Day is a perfect time of the day to give your dog some more exercise, plus by this time of the day, your dog might start looking for some attention from you anyways.

First, have your lunch then take a break for 20 – 30 minutes to play with your dog during that time.

You can throw the ball with your dog outside, play hide and seek in the house or take a short walk. These activities should all depend on your pets actively level – some dogs don’t need that much action to tire them out…

If you keep to the same routine every day, they will quickly learn that they’ll have that time with you so they won’t need to behave in the wrong way throughout the day- like barking to get your attention.

5). Hire A Dog Walker

woman dog walker walking dogs
Professional Dog Walker Exercising Dogs In Park

Hiring a dog walker to come to take your dog out during your most busy time of the day is an option for dog owners, especially if you tried everything else to keep your dog quiet, and it’s just not working out.

If you have children pay them (or not) to watch the dog for an hour or two, you can make up flyers to drop off in your community mailboxes or check out places like rover.com or wag.com for someone to do the job. They all have reasonable rates.

Think of it as a mother’s helper – to me, it’s well worth it if you need to get some of your important tasks done while you are working from home.

Bonus Tip For Keeping Your Dog Calm While Working From Home:

I have found that while working from home, one big distraction that could set your dog on a barking spree is the doorbell. Place a sign outside by the doorbell stating your working from home, so *please* don’t ring the doorbell or knock from whatever hours you’re working. If you want, you can include your cell phone number for them to text you if it is urgent. Doing this has helped keep my dogs quiet while working for sure…

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Woman working at home trying to keep her dog quiet.

A Quiet Work Day At Home With Your Dog While Working

So, let me end by saying… I know it can be more challenging for some dog parents than others because we know just like kids, no two dogs are alike, but applying these tips on ways to keep your dog quiet while working from home and keeping a routine will be sure to help you out.

Until next time,

Have a pawsome day!

I would love to hear from you… let me know if these tips have helped you in any way… And if you have figured out other helpful tips, let me know so I can be sure to let my readers know about them.

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